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DHL Express Price Changes

In line with the annual update in DHL Express's international shipping rates, our shipping costs have now been updated. You can find the updated postage costs for DHL Express on the Shipping Options help page.

February 12, 2019

URGENT - Important Announcement - Postal Shipping to MEXICO
URGENTE - Anuncio Importante - Sobre Envios Postales a MEXICO

We have been informed by our customers in Mexico that many items sent by SAL and EMS are subject to heavy delays; in some cases they are delayed a few months due to the inorganization of their local delivery service.
In order to apply financial protection to your order, starting from 8th of December, we will only accept orders with the EMS insured shipping option for packages bound to Mexico.

Thank you for your kind understanding of this situation.

Gracias a los reportes de nuestros clientes en Mexico, hemos sido informados sobre retrasos en la entrega de pedidos hechos por SAL y EMS; en algunos casos, llegando a retrasarse por varios meses debido a la desorganizacion en los servicios de entrega local.
Con el fin de asegurar la proteccion financiera de nuestros clientes, a partir del 8 de Diciembre solo se ofrecera la opcion de envio EMS que cuente con seguro para pedidos destinados a Mexico.

Gracias por su comprension.

December 7, 2018

URGENT - Important Announcement - SAL Delay (All Stores)

Due to a significant volume of packages with Japan Post, SAL services are being delayed. If your order is urgent, please order using EMS. We are currently unable to determine when SAL services will return to normal. Thank you for your understanding.

November 7, 2018

URGENT - Important Announcement Regarding SAL shipment.

Due to technical failure of the cargo transit facilities at Amsterdam Airport in the Netherlands and Charles de Gaulle Airport in France, Japan Post has suspended the acceptance of SAL packages destined to the following countries:
Algeria, France, Gibraltar, Netherlands, Spain and Ukraine.

From 15th of Dec, Mandarake has also temporarily suspended orders from these countries with SAL as the selected shipping option.

If you have already placed orders with SAL shipping, we will be switching the shipping method to EMS.

SAL small packet and International Postal Parcel SAL are not available until the service is resumed.

Furthermore, because of this there are severe delays to the following countries:
Bahrain, Brazil, Czech Republic, Greece, Kenya, Peru

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

There is more information about this issue on the Japan Post Website in English.

December 15, 2017

Suspension of Postal Services to Guatemala

We have been informed that Japan Post is no longer accepting mail destined for Guatemala.

If you wish to place an order for Guatemala, please bear the above point in mind and anticipate a heavy delay as there is little prospect of service resuming .

Please note that paid orders cannot be canceled.

There is more information about this issue in English on the Japan Post website.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

October 17, 2017

Art weld path case lavender

Compact Mirror Saber Alter

Medicos Super Figure Saint Seiya Sagittarius Aiolos Golden Zodiac ed.

Future / Reds Amon Apocalypse Devilman Toys 'R' Us limited ver / Amon Apocalypse

Demi-Tasse Collectable Spoon Donald

Future / Reds Amon Apocalypse Serosu black ver

Bandai Ride Watch series Kamen Rider rehmannia DX build Ride Watch

Future / Reds Amon Apocalypse Limited) Devilman black ver / Amon Apocalypse

Bandai play hero / Dekaranger Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger Deca green 3

Banpresto Sweet Style Pirates NAMI Nami (special color)

FuRyu can bank idle-style illustrations

Bandai SG Shifutoka 8 / drive Kamen Rider Drive Neo Cobra viral core

Future / Reds Amon Apocalypse Limited) Amon Phantom glow ver / Amon Apocalypse

BANDAI super mecha gallery Ultra Seven Ultra Hawk No. 1 1

Bandai STANDart19 All 4 types set 830135

Bandai Heroines Destiny Best 1BOX (8 pieces) 346919

Banpresto assembling model Collection figure 03 GN-001 Gundam Exia

Bandai STANDart16 High Mobility type Zaku Johnny Ridden machine 768841

Bandai STANDart13 All 4 types set 732569

MEDICOMTOY Chogokin Be@rbrick (Bearbrick) Saint Seiya Zodiac Gold Cloth Ver ( Tamashi Nation 2009 Autumn Limited Edition ) 200 Pasento


Bandai STANDart16 All 4 types set / STANDart16 768841

Sega Premium Figure Tooru Amuro

Bandai STANDart14 All 4 types set / STANDart14 733467

Yamato CBC Cosmo burning collection Andromeda Shun

Bandai STANDart15 All 4 types set / STANDart15 767790

Tamiya Mini 4WD Mini 4WD Grade Up Parts Shining Scorpion / Gold -plated body set

Tamiya Mini 4WD GUP Mini 4WD Japan Cup commemorative limited edition Hyper-Dash Motor PRO J-CUP 2017 95097

Tamiya Mini 4WD GUP Japan Cup commemorative limited edition Hyper Dash 3 Motor J-CUP 2017 95096

Banpresto Saint Seiya diorama figure - forever blue 02 Hyouga (color)

Yamato CBC Cosmo Burning Collection Dragon Shiryu

Bandai Sentai craftsman (Worthy) / SUPER SENTAI ARTISAN Denji Sentai Megaranger mobile phone-user MEGAREAL EDITION

Tamiya Mini 4WD GUP Mini 4WD multi tape (10mm width Black) 95271

Sega Premium Figure Hitagi Senjogahara

AUTOART 1/18 scale Signature Honda NSX TYPE R 1992 (Indy ・ yellow Pearl ) 73297

Bandai Mobile Suit Gundam MS development record gym ・ Kuweru 438140

Tamiya Mini 4WD GUP HG lightweight 19mm all-aluminum bearing rollers (Blue) 95315

Movic metal charm collection laser

Tamiya Mini 4WD GUP 17Mm Puraringu with aluminum bearing rollers (Red) 95347

Tamiya Mini 4WD GUP 19Mm Puraringu with aluminum bearing rollers (light blue) 95327

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