reference materials of Expo Preparatory Committee reference materials of Expo 08 official Pamphlet Rhett




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Brand New Spot Sale Item   reference materials of Expo 08 official Pamphlet R


they are the 12 booklet versions and Hokuto Shobo. The bibliographic information of No. 13 and No.

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Doujins Reference type Doujinshi (Brand new) Manga Research material?

Was held on May 3, 2015 reference materials is based fanzine and creative Kaiju soft vinyl of spot sale meeting \" reference materials of Expo 08 Pamphlet Rhett, which also serves as the admission ticket. ""Not only function as a catalog in reference materials of exposition of Pamphlet Rhett, has posted a special issue article that emphasizes every time reference materials property.

This special issue theme is the present "" of comics research of \" Japan.
・ \" cartoon theory of current ""Past and Future of"" / Iwashita Tomoyo
・ cartoon and illustration of between / Teragawakenshi
It is a total of 30ps or more at these two reports. Pick-up comics and research books and discussion sum and more than 180 books and about the peripheral.Incorporating a lot of them of bibliographic information, it has a configuration that was conscious of reference materials property.

They are contents which can be enjoyed also as a comics research guide which includes a scientific book from books and magazines. Supplementary reference materials \" In ""comics principle"" bibliographic information / list work = Kenji Terakawa"

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