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Mandarake Publishing Space Complete History

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All the 336 pages
ISBN978-4-86072-074-2 C0011
MANDARAKE publication

\" universe all history ""Volume 1 First Edition is limited release on the net, which was to answer questions from readers (and Chi was a person of interest) in the WEB on over a period of about one year after it becomes sold out is Volume 2 eyes to deliver is divided into several books and excerpts.

Space complete history Questions-and-answers 2 Table of contents

  • RIN Khan of identity and the mystery of the earth spirit world
  • Key Al Deva Laon of this universe
  • Existence of the first destructive king to appear
  • Jehovah who cannot hold true character to where
  • Waste of metabolism ・ NAOH (sodium hydroxide)
  • Oxygen in the air is increasing by breathing.
  • Lungs and gills and radiator of fear Ryu that was used in the metabolism
    (Identity of the combs of the clock Rio Rofosaurusu)
  • Metabolism of the catalyst is that hits the OH ion ・ man of oxygen was NOH
  • First of all, what is metabolism?
  • Fear Ryu unique special organ
  • From where the energy for carrying out the nitrogen metabolism?
    (Nowhere it did not exist at that time, the metabolite ・ bait there was no situation)
  • Story ・ relationship of the gas of the energy and material energy of fasting
    (1 trillion times the care of the energy of the substance energy)
  • Fear Ryu of the motion [-like / INL / between Shun(s) / - / whose motion was slow ] was quick.
  • Alchemy by bacteria ・ material creation and its structure
  • And the spiral structure Fractale
  • Correction of distortion of space-time
  • Make fear Ryu human to swim the El ・ Ranti
  • Fear Ryu not made ??the human
    (For the initial Karma elimination of the human race)
  • Tea Ren di the souls
  • The meaning of nitrogen type fear Ryu (dissolution of environmental management and distortion)
  • Poop of where important fear Ryu
  • being realistic (realistic) World structure
  • Whether the bone was made ??of what the fear Ryu
  • Experiments done in parallel world (parallel world)
    (Then I am afraid Ryu world)
  • The kind and the whole aspect (foundations are six kinds) of animate life in this universe
  • Irregular presence of Z (Zeputon)
  • The various world lines of an earth community (parallel world)
  • Sympathy to the earth of a mineral system life (occurrence of 5,800 million years ago)
  • A ray of hope of the earth
  • Parallel world (alternate world) Elucidation
  • Normal individual and parallel world of
  • The structure and the concept of a world tree
  • Fathomless Mr. Goi
  • Science and suspicion
  • 9 ・ 11 America of terrorist attacks truth ・ new information (that the mystery that could not be absolutely understanding has been elucidated here)

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