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Brand New Co., Ltd. MANDARAKE reference materials of Expo 06 Pamphlet Rhett



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Doujins NEW Reference Type Doujinshi Others Research and Criticism

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Goods ID 529787
Authorreference materials of Expo 06 Preparatory Committee
GenreCollection [ of reference materials ] , catalog, and Pamphlet let
Sales RestrictionsGeneral
ContentsIt is Pamphlet let the d?jinshi convention to be held in April 29, Nakano event space \" reference materials of Expo 06 "".The Nakano gourmet map besides circle information is published.

special issue article \" anime ・ special effects ・ manga ・ TOY related Mook All Time Best "".
Japan The format that Mook has been established has been said that from Heibonsha \" separate volume sun ""of 1972, the magazine configuration extrusion visual that worked of Shoji Otomo in the late 1960s on the whole surface such as extra number and separate volume of Kinema Junpo, I would say that was something that was ahead of it.

Up to now in 2013 from there, but Muck about various anime ・ special effects ・ manga ・ TOY has been released, bibliographies, of course, even the absent thing about the guide book, what kind the manner in which the present is know had been released, it is not only going to earnestly raise examined on their own.

The work which various editors left, and an opportunity to touch the meaning are lost. Now, will not they be divided from a knowledge system bordering on a certain generation?

To 30 persons who play an active part as editor and a writer which thinks if it becomes a cause of something that receives such a situation, and is actually engaged in mook work I had the reference materials exposition participant choose three volumes for the mook about anime , special-effects , comics , TOY, and a game (a strategic manual is improper) to carry out a recommendation.

All survey respondents (3 books comments)
Hideo Akita / Noriaki Ikeda / Makoto Ikeda / Inoue Yushi / Yoichi Iwasa /
Uno TsuneHiroshi / Otsuka Gichi / Ogawa Bii / Yuichiro Oguro / Minoru Kawasaki /
Gigan Yamazaki / Shinichiro Yasushi / Kiridoshi Risaku / Kobayashi Kishikawa / Uguisudani Goro /
Masahiko Shiraishi / Tane Kiyoshi / exit Nao To / Tokuki Yoshiharu / Shinsuke Nakajima /
Yu Hayakawa / belly band cat / Hikawa Ryu through / Ryota Fujitsu / Makoto / star
Daisuke Miura / Sihai mirror / Syo Motoyama / Maiya KeiAkira (or more, 30 people in alphabetical order)

Title that became the selection outside listed in the comments, introduced in as much as possible supplemental area, we tried to have a catalog functions.
Keyword 1 etc.
Keyword 2 Co., Ltd. MANDARAKE

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