good Empty skylark Hit ・ album


Nakano Kaiba

Item Code

kb-00GYRG41 (0100394752-0100796)


2,000 yen

The [number of pages] 16P
[condition Details] stapled and ・ rusted, color faded, slightly corner bent
[Comment] Words : sailor Mr. / 7/of greengrocery Izu no odoriko/-- holding by one red bouquet person -- flower girl / Bokoi い扇/of Mr. [ bride ] / skylark of the Netherlands game / Brazil of Sunday/flower of the way/ミミー of a /home country -- young -- a singing voice [ of the evening-paper sale / 明玉夕玉 / Edo ッ child mambo of an adventure/skylark of a skylark / the sweet home/skylark of me ] The folded paper crane of /love, etc. The charm / skylark my digests (address - Other of favorite food, Nichijou of movement , studies , and a family, etc.) of skylark my graphics (summer and Rikidozan of stage and 夏清 10 郎, handshaking, etc.) / good sky skylark.

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