\" bauhaus: zeitschrift fur bu und gestaltung 3 "" (1929)


Nakano Kaiba

Item Code

kb-00H2UUXI (0100016225-0199748)


A4, 32p, German language
stapled and rusted, color faded, front and back stained and dirt, spine corner slightly ripped, small stain, crease

1929 juli-sept (July to September) Three No. 3
cover page: A child's work
Hans Riedel and Ernesto Gimenez Caballero (1899-1988), The photograph of Ernst Kallai, Alexander Schawinsky (1904-1979), joost schmidt (1893-1948), etc. and a work publish. The special issue report of picture of the Other, creative education, and a child.
good It is the same as that of a / new article.
above average It is a condition comparatively good as a / secondhand book.
average It is a condition average as a secondhand book containing / and minor damaged.
below average Since / and condition are not so good, it is not fit for a collection, but since the part price is cheap, it is a recommendation in the direction of liking to read once for the time being.
Difficulty ant / There is remarkable Damaged.

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