Ryouichi Ikegami: Silkscreen 'Ryugetsusho'



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In Stock Ryouichi Ikegami


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1000mm x 780mm x 100mm / 4160g


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Mandarake Publishing Silk Screen Prints

Ryugetsusho attracts attention as the original work of Ryouichi Ikegami. It is very difficult to print like this pencil drawing. Therefore, in Manga, the original pencil drawings are published after the computer processing. This silk screen we produced is represented in unchanged pencil drawing.
The main character 'Tsukinosuke Gen' from Ryugetsusho the second episode 'Snake/prequel'(on UPPERS'99 the fourth issue) is presented.
80 sheets for sale in domestic (20 sheets for overseas ・ Limited 100 sheets)
Size: 940mm × 680mm
・ Autographed and serial numbered, black single-colored printing
・ This item is going to inspect at Nakano shop once and be shipped from Nakano shop, so it takes time until shipping out.
*Overseas shipping might cause some damages. Please order at your own risk.
Rather than the cheap silkscreen methods commonly found on street markets, Mandarake's silkscreen items are made by craftsmen by adding layers of color one-by-one. This special print method means that you can touch and feel each individual color. In order to make full use of the ink's texture, we use a screen mesh with larger holes. We hope that you enjoy Mandarake's silkscreen items for many years to come.

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