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519287-00HFOPUZ (0501012430-0100001)


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Brand New In Stock GAINAX Gurla Gun Genga Collection 2



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300mm x 210mm x 21mm / 864g


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Doujins NEW Male Doujinshi Male Doujinshi
Doujins NEW Reference Type Doujinshi Anime Reference Material

Item Number 519287
GenreTengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
size296P / A4
TypeGenga Collection
Sales RestrictionsGeneral
ContentsVolume 2 contains numerous high-quality Genga. the ninth talk to the 15th episode, which is just a climax in the Movie version.
Of course, Mr. Ishiro's comments are also included.
A new companion, a more powerful enemy and breathtaking Tepperin battle, ・ ・ ・ , hot Genga. Please see a number of.
Swimsuit is Kazuhiro Takamura from dazzling 12 episodes, from the 15 episodes of the momentum of the angry waves Sushio other transcendence Genga. Is clogged.
The main Genga. Man: Hiroyuki Imaishi ・ Yoh Yoshinari ・ Tadashishi Hiramatsu ・ Hisashi Mori ・ Yusuke Yoshikaki ・ Shinsatoru Natsume ・ Toshiharu Sugie ・ Chikashi Kubota ・ Sushio ・ RHO Chimo.・ Yuka Shibata ・ Akira Amemiya ・ Norio Matsumoto ・ Kenichi Kena ・ Seiichiro Abe ・ Yamato Kojima et al.
Specification: A4 version All 296 pages (of which color page 16 pages).

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