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4,000 yen

Togetsu Shobo contraindications.Toshikane Fukuda "" Yurei Buraku ""miracle of reprinted! Togetsu Shobo contraindications.Toshikane Fukuda "" Yurei Buraku ""miracle of reprinted!
Sin that received the government ・ Ministry of Health and Welfare of life, doctors ・ Onimura妖Ichi was sneaked into a certain village were committed in there!
Sin is called a sin, fate of Mystic one to wait in the midst of evil! Where really is the end stick go of the cause-and-effect?
Togetsu Shobo Toshikane Fukuda "" Yurei Buraku "".

"" the frequency of occurrence of the second collection ""does not appear to Nagaraku market as compared to the (here is not also never high), was said to be illusion "" Yurei Buraku the first current / second a part of the miracle reprinted.
Also Toshikane Fukuda due to Togetsu Shobo ""妖霊1 ""here also sinful work "" specter heat transfer included with your"" also Heiroku.
Before winding, followed by Shoji Hashimoto "" ghost patients ""(sold out) "" Fukushu Kidan series Part 2
Tile glad commitment paper quality heavy flux width! cover page to Kagayaki Ku Brocade foil stamping!

A5 size 212 pages / limited 200 parts ・ numbering input
Usagitsuki-out experts ・ parties concerned talk about the "" Toshikane Fukuda bonus with booklet
main item 4,000 yen + tax

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