Nakano Micro-kan

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microken1-00HM6GJ5 (0700003505-0000000)


926 yen

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In Stock 竹村よしひこ Wow ~ Ken chan Wow ~ Ken



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87mm x 65mm x 1mm / 5g


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Gag cartoon [I of Yoshihiko Takemura work - you! Ken-chan seal] Mandarake sale ♪♪ 1990's first half of Colo comic familiar Yoshihiko Takemura operation of gag cartoons, etc. Bikkuriman which has been serialized in the ""I-you! Ken-chan"" in limited becomes cute seal with colorful it appeared Te ☆ ★ seal illustrations, such as gag full of naked Santa brave New Year of Ken-chan, customize no ~ ☆ do not miss the love and seal collector Colo comics like Ken-chan in the Ken-chan World fully open and laughter weapon I'm ♪♪ ""contents"" New Year Ken-chan prism Shimura Ken bold, brave Ken-chan, Santaken chan Ken-chan naked five set 1,000 yen (tax included) ☆ ★ seal size 48x48mm

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