Alphapolis Yumemi Kurohara Demon King is the savior on the ground Reason 2




hon2-00HTSO6P (0100462716-0000000)


400 yen


Store Front Item Alphapolis Yume Mushihara

Shipping Package Size

190mm x 132mm x 17mm / 280g


SAL small packet available
SAL small packet is not available but SAL postal parcel is available
SAL not available


Comic/Light novel Novels Light Novels

condition: used
This product is available at Nakano Store.

Item condition:

Details of the Condition Ranking:
S - It is in mint condition and can be considered new.A - It is in fairly good condition for a secondhand book.
B rank average condition is average for a secondhand book and has some minor damage.
( ※ Please select S ~ A rank if you place importance on condition)
C below average / price is cheap because there is somewhat itami.It is recommended for Reference Materials.
D There are some serious problems/ There is?considerable damage.

included is for the presence or absence of product condition to the column of details Reference please.

This item is on sale at Nakano Store Main 2.The head office's Twitter is here
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