Shueisha Manga magazine of 1989 ( Heisei Era 1 year) ""Weekly Shonen Jump 1989 ( Heisei Era 1 year) 19 8919""




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Store Front Item Shueisha Manga magazine of 1989 ( Heisei Era 1 year)



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257mm x 182mm x 24mm / 574g


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Magazine Comic magazine Boy's manga magazine Shonen Jump Weekly

Item condition : back cover Yore, bag unsealing

Size: B5
Details of the Condition Ranking:
S - It is in mint condition and can be considered new.A - It is in fairly good condition for a secondhand book.
B rank average condition is average for a secondhand book and has some minor damage.
( ※ Please select S ~ A rank if you place importance on condition)
B-> C +> C> C- : almost parallel ~ below average / I ・ burnt ・ stain ・ Torn ・ but there is no hindrance to the cracking, also read that there is a pain due to external factors.The degree becomes stronger as it goes to C-, but it reflects it in the price accordingly.
D: fire ants / addition to the above-mentioned pain, excessive wetting ・ from graffiti, missing loss ・ erratic collating ・ missing page(s) shows that there is pain a flame to be read, such as in this evaluation.In addition, this evaluation is the case when the title which Kashi-hon specification is significantly affecting the condition evaluation is Kashi-hon condition.Detailed condition is appended to condition rank details.

included is for the presence or absence of product condition to the column of details Reference please.
Please note that item descriptions are machine translated from the original Japanese version. If the Japanese version of the page is updated, it may take a while for the English version to be updated. If you can read Japanese and wish to check the most up to date information, please click '日本語' at the top of this page to view the Japanese version. Otherwise please contact us to confirm the latest information.

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