【新刊委託同人】Shochu MAC D-mode



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536370-00HVHZFE (0501029544-0100001)


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Brand New In Stock Shochu MAC D-mode



Size (Package Size)

255mm x 180mm x 5mm / 150g


Doujins NEW Male Doujinshi Male Doujinshi
Doujins Male Doujinshi Doujinshi

Item Number 536370
Genre[Dragon Quest
size72P / B5
Sales Restrictions18+, R18
Contents""My body and mind are like boogie"" Princess Martina Princess awakens in the devil mode by the hand of the Demon army king boogie and stands in front of the hero.What happened to Martina from the day the big tree fell?Daisaku dedicated to metamorphosis (Yuusha) who held inferiority in that scene in the midst of saving the world!

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Other items from this category

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