LaLaLa (池袋店)

Tsukino Omame / Hogosha Shikkaku."" MANDARAKE Limited Original Flat Pouch 2 Type set "" (New)


LaLaLa (池袋店)


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1,800 日元

"" Tsukino Omame sensei"" drawn in illustration【 Hogosha Shikkaku . ] "" Original flat pouch 2 kind set "" will be released![Product specifications]Product size(S) about 20 × 12 cm(M) about 23 × 17 cmMaterial: Campus fabric※ image is an image.Also due to various circumstances such as product release ・ specifications,There is a possibility of change.In advance Thank you for understanding.MANDARAKE Limited "" Hogosha Shikkaku 6 Volume & Original Flat Pouch 2 Type set ""Or"" Hogosha Shikkaku 6 volumes separately""If you wish to purchase from the special page below please purchase.

【 Hogosha Shikkaku . Original flat pouch 2 kinds set ★ special page ★

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