Eye suck the mansion blood of curse / Toho special effects movie DVD Collection 60



Item Code

nitem-00I8GPIY (0355311353-5500001)


1,000 yen

Item Information


Size (Package Size)

191mm x 136mm x 15mm / 87g


SAL small packet available
SAL small packet is not available but SAL postal parcel is available
SAL not available


AV/Games DVDs Tokusatsu
AV/Games DVDs Domestic Movie

Disk Condition: A rank
Description etc.: Without origin
obi : Motomu
Bonus Item:
Accessories (specification):
Note: This is only to DVD

※ application ticket ・ serial code is outside security
※ The photograph is a reference image
※ because it is a used article to the last case thread not in the notation ・ scratches ・ there are times when there Itami
※ maker might outer bag is not

A: (There might be flaws in addition to the data plane) parallel
B: scratches ・ you Yes pain
C: scratches ・ is the pain Large
(B and C rank is recommended for anyone who wants only to be seen)

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