Anime Blu-Ray Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend with BOX limited Complete 7 Volume Set



Item Code

nitem-00IFMGEN (0300539535-5500001)


Item Information

In Stock Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend



Size (Package Size)

205mm x 152mm x 185mm / 2055g


AV/Games Blu-rays Anime

Disc Condition: ⑦ Unopened・other A
Booklet/Insert: Average
Obi: ④ Damaged・other parallel
Bonus Items:
Accessories (Version): with storage box
Remarks: storage the box is marked / ③⑥ case (BOX) Itami

※ Application tickets, series codes etc are not guaranteed to be working
※ The picture(s) are for reference
※ As this is a second hand item, there may be some case scratches, marks, or damage that is not mentioned directly
※ May not have the maker's outer bag

A: Average (may have damage in areas other than where the data is read)
B: Scratches or other damage
C: Major scratches or other heavy damage
( If this is ranked B or C we recommend seeing it in person before purchase)

Please contact the store directly for further details.

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Other items from this category

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