Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump 1986 years (1986) 01 + 02 cover page = Masami Kurumada "Saint 8601


Nakano Mania-kan

Item Code

Mani-00IHX2BS (0100101695-0100050)


Item Information

Shueisha Manga Magazines from 1986 (Showa 61)



Size (Package Size)

257mm x 182mm x 28mm / 472g


SAL small packet available
SAL small packet is not available but SAL postal parcel is available
SAL not available


Magazines Manga Magazine Shonen Manga Magazine Shonen Jump Weekly

Item Condition:

Size: B5
Details of the Condition Ranking:
S: Great condition, like new.
A: Above average, very good quality for a second hand book.
B: Average condition for a used book, so there may be minor damage.
( ※If the condition is very important to you, please choose an item ranked S to A )
C: Below average, the price has been reduced because there is some damage.Recommended as reference material rather than collection.
D: Damaged / Heavily damaged.

Please refer to the condition area for information on whether or not accessories are included.
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