★Brand New★ Junie Moon Dear Darling 22cm Doll Size (Neo Blythe) Sandy stripe One Piece set yellow


Nakano Plastic

Item Code

plastic-00IK5UM6 (0201406738-0000000)


7,600 yen

Item Information

Store Front Item (Check Required) Junie Moon 22cm Doll Size (Neo Blythe) Dear Darling Blythe


Of new / image Doll ・ shoes are not included

Size (Package Size)

280mm x 220mm x 20mm / 35g


SAL small packet available
SAL small packet is not available but SAL postal parcel is available
SAL not available


ARK Dolls
Toys By Genre Dolls Doll Outfits 22cm size (Licca/Neo Blythe etc)

sandy's and Dear Darling fashion cute collaboration dress of the Dolls For set is!
"Stripe One Piece set " Dress the image of a favorite girl things cute a glutton set is.
Rameribon of the belt with One Piece is a glance look color tulle point.Skirt with motifs of embroidery-style prints and flowers and hearts.It is dressed up clothes to go to the tea party I mean a big ribbon comb.

Collaboration dress set is sold.set the contents other than the Doll , accessories are not included.Please, be careful.

[Of handling Points to Note]
● design is made with an emphasis on property, Doll main item There is a risk of color transition to.
Such as store after playing it is always undress, the long period of time Doll Please avoid to is to remain clothed.
Doll can not assume responsibility at the time of the color transition to.
● You can not wash.

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