★Brand New★ Quarantotto Pink Drops Misaki Soft Skin ver.


Nakano Plastic

Item Code

plastic-00ILI441 (0201414343-0000000)


49,000 yen

Item Information

Store Front Item (Check Required) QUARANTOTTO Pink Drops ANGEL PHILIA


Of new / image Wig ・ costume ・ shoes ・ stand ・ Hair Accessory is not included

Size (Package Size)

650mm x 200mm x 120mm / 1200g


SAL small packet available
SAL small packet is not available but SAL postal parcel is available
SAL not available


ARK Dolls
Toys By Genre Dolls Large Soft Vinyl Doll (Dollfie Dream etc.) 40cm (MDD, Obitsu 50 etc)

The beautiful look and refreshing of the eyes and nose immediately (modeling), make-up !!! that little seems the adult women
Girl like a model's!
Furthermore, body and emphasized the beauty of the female body to body be to appoint (Type-H), also enables various rendition of Pink Drops unique.
Mole of mouth is downright sexy daughter!
This time, the upper body ・ lower body ・ the myrtle ・ Petit renewal re-production that employs a Soft Skin on the upper arm!
Please enjoy the various poses!
Publisher: Quarantotto
(C) Quarantotto

◆ form: coloring already finished product, Doll main item ( Wig ・ stand ・ Accessory ・ . Costumes, etc. is not attached) ◆ Specifications:
● head : Type-L (Ireme equation, corresponding Wig size / 7 inch ), molded color / Whitey , already make
Ai ●: Original Doll Eye gray 12mm
● body : upper body ・ lower body ・ the myrtle / Type-H (SoftSkin), shin / Type-C, the upper arm (SoftSkin) ・ lower arm / Obitsu 50, ankle / heel foot (the heel foot of the iron plate round base corresponding magnet not included is.)
● inner frame: Obitsu 48
● Size: Height about 48cm
● options: design hand three (already painted) / open hand ・ grip hand ・ (possession main item will be how the one kind is already installed.)
● Material: Exterior body (made of soft vinyl) / PVC, head / PVC (made of soft vinyl), the inner frame /! ABS ・ POM, Doll Eye / acrylic
head original mold made Written by Mitsumasa Yoshizawa (REFLECT)
body production: Obitsu Plastic

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