【Women's Size: S】 Ensemble Stars ! Yuta Aoi 2wink unit costumes 【Worn Item】



Item Code

SCOS-00ILSYFL (0300921209-2300037)


5,500 yen

Item Information

Store Front Item (Check Required)


Worn Item


Others Cosplay Clothes

● Company made : Worn Item
● Women: S Size (Japanese Size)
【Set Contents】
Tops ・ pants ・ wristband

If there is nothing noted in the size column, it is the average size for either a Japanese man or a Japanese woman.
Goods here it becomes and the wearer has been recycled products.Some of is damaged and is marked ・ for like smell Thank you for understanding.
This item cannot be returned or exchanged after purchase.Size ・ condition is the case, such as the details of a worry in the over-the-counter actual item on the check, we recommend that you purchase.
The colors may look different depending on the monitor you are using.Thank you for bearing this in mind.
※ Japanese sizes are often smaller than their foreign size counterparts.
Size by production source Exhibition also different open.
If you want to know the detailed size, on your clearly the effect of the "product name" to the exhibition store of each product, "I want to know the detailed size" of the product, please contact us by e-mail.
Folding back the detailed size and we will contact you.

Please contact the store directly for further details.

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