Anime Blu-Ray Katanashino Miko Complete 6 Volume Set



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cmp-6f-00ILTCRM (0330313847-3000004)


42,000 yen

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Disc: A Booklet/Insert: A Obi: 1 Volume → C, 2 ~ 6, Volume B 1 Volume sleeve(s) scratched


AV/Games Blu-rays Anime

Bonus Items: All included
Accessories (Version): original character ・ Shizuma Yoshinori drawn by a three-way spine case / Character design ・ draw down Yuko Yahiro Dejitorei / Bonus Item CD / booklet 32P (short story published newly written Tatsuya Takahashi)

Cast: Kaede Hondo / Saori Onishi / Azumi Waki / Kino Nichina / Matsuda ToshiSae / Suzuki Eri / Asami Seto / Yumi Uchiyama / M ・ A ・ O / Mai Fuchigami / Inori Minase
Director: Kakimoto vast series Composition: Tatsuya Takahashi character draft: Shizuma Yoshinori character design ・ Chief Animation Director: Yuko Yahiro Prop design : Suzuki Noritaka Chief Animation Director: Kenji Ota Art Director: Masaru Sato color design: Miho Tanaka Director of Photography: Sekiya NoHiroshi acoustic Director: Iida Satoju Music: Yukari Hashimoto

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A: near excellent condition
A': There is minor damage
B: There is damage
C: There is heavy damage
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