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In Stock Mandarake Publishing Mandarake Zenbu


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256mm x 183mm x 22mm / 800g


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Mandarake Publishing Mandarake Zenbu

  • ● Special Feature - Service Vehicles 3 - Special Vehicles

    We'll have some special vehicles including a TV truck, police cars, bulldozer, tractor, crane and mixer.We hope you can enjoy the wonders of the tin toys that we will have.Moving around, making sounds, flashing lights
    We hope you enjoy the pictures of the items with their valuable boxes.

  • ● Vehicle Goods

    Police cars, heavy machinery mini cars

  • ● Special Feature - R2-D2

    We've gathered plenty of items based on the popular Star Wars character R2-D2.You'll find one of the charms of the Star Wars saga right here.

  • ● Star Wars - Sweets Bonuses

    Morinaga and Co, a Coca-Cola crown set, Meiji Chocolate and more

  • ● Animation Cels and Anime Gengas

    The cel and anime genga corner has been refilled !
    Osamu Tezuka, Fujiko Fujio, Gainax, Akira Toriyama !
    And we have a huge number of Ghibli items with backgrounds !
    We hope you enjoy our popular 'Moe Auction' and 'Poti Auction' corners!

  • ● Hand-drawn Illustrations, Shikishi and Manuscripts

    Hand-drawn color manuscript by Osamu Tezuka, signed book, shikishi,.Leiji Matsumoto , Shotaro Ishinomori , Fujiko Fujio A (Motoo Abiko) , Yoshiharu Tsuge , Shinji Nagashima such as the famous author and Hisashi Eguchi , Tsukasa Hojo , Naohito Miyoshi popular author animator in addition to, Moe-based author , including, this issue also Hand-Drawn we dull things.

  • ● Tankobon (Single Volume Books)

    There are many rare kashihon manga and part two of our special feature on 'Machi', a short comic that helped produce new creators such as Shingo Araki, Makoto Kuki, Toru Shinohara, Akio Sugino, Tadao Tsuge, Osamu Dezaki, Baron Yoshimoto, Mori Masaki, Shintaro Miyawaki, Masako Yashiro etc

  • ● New Size Books

    Part 5 of our special feature on Futabasha's 'Action Comics'.Part 2 of our special feature on 'Nakayoshi and Friends KC' from Kodansha.

  • ● Vintage Comic Magazines and Supplements

    1960? 1961 " Shonen Gaho " And in 1980, " Boken-Oh "
    Supplements in memory of Kinya Ueki

  • ● Doujinshi

    Special feature on Star Wars parody female doujinshi
    Shou Katase Doujinshi Special Feature
    Robot anime reference doujinshi etc

  • ● Cards

    Ultraman Special Feature - Focusing on Calbee's Ultraman A snack cards, we have lots of SD Ultraman stickers etc !
    We also have Makyou Densetsu stickers (prize items and redeemable stickers) etc?

  • ● Dolls

    Tiny Ann Estelle Special Feature - 8 inch doll based on a design by illustrator Mary Engel Breit.Of course there will also be lots of doll outfits

  • ● Voice Actor Goods

    Signed goods from popular young voice actors and leading influential actors

  • ● Records and Cassettes

    Dragon Quest Cassette Special Feature

  • ● Railway Goods

    Front name plate, head mark, staff door etc

  • ● Movie, Anime Posters

    Comedy movies, animated movies ,
    Leiji Matsumoto's works 'Galaxy Express 999' and 'Queen Millennia (Shin Taketori Monogatari Sennen Joou)'!

  • ● Kaiba and Other Books

    Special Feature ・ Aum Shinrikyo.Cassettes, magazines, textbooks, photos, manga, and other related books.There will be a wide variety of other items including art, spirituality and books signed by popular actresses.

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