Sambo journal "Cosmo comics, 1978 October 5, No. 2"



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sby-vt-00IQMQGN (0100242181-0600001)


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Item Information:

Size: B5
Details of the Condition Ranking:
S: Great condition, like new.
A: Average is relatively good condition as on / secondhand book.
B: parallel / minor damage is the average condition as a secondhand book, including.
( ※If the condition is very important to you, please choose an item ranked S to A )
B-, C+, C, C-: Generally in average to below average condition. May have damage including folds, discoloration, tears, rips and so on, but nothing that hinders its ability to be read.
Items with a C- ranking will have significant damage which will be reflected in the price.
D: poor condition other / above of the Itami, excessive wetting ・ from graffiti, missing loss ・ erratic collating ・ missing page(s) , etc.
damage that will hinder the readers ability to enjoy it, reflected in the price.
Also, in the case of certain kashihon, certain titles can affect the valuation of the item more than its physical condition.
Further details can be found in the item condition section.
※For information on accessories that mar or may not be included, please refer to the item details section.
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