Kitty Films Promotional Item Rumiko Takahashi Maison Ikkoku complete hen B2 Poster



Item Code

nitem-00IT7PJ4 (0355333384-5500001)


Item Information

In Stock Kitty Films Rumiko Takahashi Promotional Item Maison Ikkoku



Size (Package Size)

50mm x 520mm x 50mm / 40g


SAL small packet available
SAL small packet is not available but SAL postal parcel is available
SAL not available


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Item Condition:
The size above is the approximate size when it has been rolled up.
Whole of the product regard to the size of title described in or remarks,Please refer to the subject and size.
poster size table
A size
A0 841 mm × 1189 mm
A1 594 mm × 841 mm
A2 420 mm × 594 mm
A3 420 mm × 297 mm

B size
B0 1030 mm × 1456 mm
B1 728 mm × 1030 mm
B2 515 mm × 728 mm
B3 515 mm × 364 mm

This will be shipped in a rounded tube.
Details of the Condition Ranking:
S: Great condition, like new.

A / Above average. Comparatively good condition for a second hand item.
B / parallel / small crease ・ habit, of the order of a few millimeters tears and the like and agingThat minor damage including, is the average condition is as a used article.
B-> C+ > C / generally average ~ average under / broken ・ tears ・ stained, is discolored ・ data on the backTitles such as writing marks There is a pain due to external factors such as.Degree C NiiKuhodo Itami will be strong, but No we have reflected in the minute priceIn is recommended for students who want to decorate your room.
D / poor condition other / above of the Itami, excessive wetting ・ missing wrote, such as lossShows that there is have Itami in this evaluation.Detailed condition "quotientGoods condition may be described in the item of".

※ used already (thumbtack marks, Tape marks also of evidence that has been posted, etc.of)

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