★Brand New★ Azone - EX Cute Southern Maid Loyal Regular Sales Version



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nitem-4F-00IXDQW2 (0201461790-0000000)


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Store Front Item (Check Required) Azone EX Cute Pure Neemo


The hand parts that are not included in the accessories in the new / image used has been

Size (Package Size)

287mm x 120mm x 71mm / 310g


ARK Dolls
Toys By Genre Dolls 1/6 - 1/12 Dolls (Smaller Than 30cm) Pure Neemo

X ☆ cute Royal maid "South" dressed in classic apron dress from the family appeared ♪

"Not Have a nice day, my master."

Forest of deep there is a large mansion, which is surrounded by a large garden to work a lot of apprentice maid us.

Clean the dust in the room in Knock Today

Maid who dreamed of becoming a day or nice Dominance of exclusive maid is encouraging to be your work today.


X ☆ cute family
Minami (South) / Loyal Maid ( Regular Sales Version )

Hair Color: Misty Silver (Misty Silver )
Eye color: Lapis Lazuli (lapis lazuli)
Mask design : come to mind body: Pure Neemo Flection M / girl ( White )
set contents: South Doll main item ・ One Piece ・ apron ・ petticoat bra ・ panties ・ garter Stocking
Shoes ・ Katyusha Headband ・ Knock

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Other items from this category

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