Media Works Dengeki Hobby Books Mobile Suit Gundam F91 / data collection 8



Item Code

cmp-3f-00J261T1 (0101019688-0000000)


Item Information

Media Works Dengeki Hobby Books Mobile Suit Gundam F91



Size (Package Size)

182mm x 128mm x 7mm / 167g


Books > Mooks (Tokusatsu/Anime etc) > Anime > Anime work Order of the Japanese syllabary > Anime work and Ka line

Books > Mooks (Tokusatsu/Anime etc) > Anime > Gundam > Gundam Series 1990’s

Books > Mooks (Tokusatsu/Anime etc) > Anime > Animation Studio > Sunrise

Books > Mooks (Tokusatsu/Anime etc) > Anime > Anime Director > Yoshiyuki Tomino

Condition rank details:
S Great condition, like new.
A above average is relatively good condition as / secondhand book.
B parallel / minor damage as a secondhand book, including YOUR average condition.
( ※ Please select the S ~ A rank person of condition-oriented)
B-> C + > C> C-: generally average ~ below average / I・discolored and stained・torn・crack, also does not have a problem in that the read there is pain due to external factors. Items with a C- ranking will have significant damage which will be reflected in the price.
D: poor condition other / above of the Itami, excessive wetting・from graffiti, missing loss・erratic collating・missing page(s) shows that there is pain a flame to be read, such as in this evaluation.
In addition, Kashi-hon it is a specification condition title that significantly affect the assessment Kashi-hon condition in the case of has become this evaluation.

※ detailed condition is condition you Yes to note in detail rank.
※ is for the presence or absence of accessory condition you to the column of details Reference please.

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