COSPA / Usacots T-shirt / black / Astro Fighter Sunred / M Size (Japanese Size)


Nakano Cosplay-kan

Item Code

COS-00J269ZP (0301569439-0100001)


Item Information

COSPA Tentai Senshi Sunred Tentai Senshi Sunred Usacots T-shirt


Dirty・faded・dust stuck to it・paper tag disconnect
Package: broken, damaged

Size (Package Size)

260mm x 250mm x 30mm / 210g


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M size ( Japanese Size )

Dirty・faded・dust adhesion・paper tag disconnect
Package: broken, damaged

Some for a used article ※ is damaged and is marked・for like smell Thank you for understanding.
※ can not be returned or exchanged is you received, condition case details such as is worry is actually in the shop condition we recommend that you make sure.

Depending on the monitor you can see, there is a case where trials are different.
In addition Thank you for understanding.

※ Japanese Size is smaller than that of the overseas size.

Please contact the store directly for further details.

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