【受注販売】 なぞめきたる アイドルマスターシャイニーカラーズ 田中摩美々 白瀬咲耶 抱き枕カバー(150×50cm)


Nakano Kinshobo

Item Code

pay008ot540154-00JHDRYU (0501033328-0100001)


Item Information

Brand New なぞめきたる アイドルマスター なぞめきたる




Doujins > NEW Male Doujinshi > Dakimakura/Sheets

Doujins > Male Doujinshi > Dakimakura/Sheets

内容仕様:抱き枕カバー (両面、ファスナー付)


This product is order sales goods. You can not be canceled after order. Order is the deadline to the 15th of each month. After the deadline,it will buy the goods from the publisher. Therefore,it takes about six weeks from two weeks to ship from our company to our customers. Please be careful. Those that have not been paid by 15th will be treated the next time.

If you order this item and other items together, shipping of all items may be delayed by 2 to 6 weeks after payment. We recommend ordering only this item individually. If you order this item and other items together, we may ship this item and other items separately. In that case, we will charge you an additional shipping fee.

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