Certain Shipping Methods Suspended Due to Corona Virus - Updated September 10 All Mandarake Stores Now Open

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IMPORTANT - Shipping Methods For China, Italy and New Zealand

We have received word from the post office that shipping by EMS to China, Italy and New Zealand has started once again. Air shipping has also started for Italy and New Zealand.
The Mandarake online store has been updated, so customers in these countries can now choose these shipping methods.
We will be sure to keep you updated on any further shipping updates.

July 1, 2020

IMPORTANT - DHL Price Increases

We have received word from DHL that the prices are going to be raised. The price raise will happen for orders paid after 12 noon Japan Standard Time this Friday (May 22).
We have updated the help page to reflect the new prices. Please click here to view them.

We apologize for this inconvenience.

May 20, 2020

IMPORTANT - EMS and Air Suspensions With 4 Month Delay to Shipped Items to USA

We've received word from Japan Post that EMS and Air shipping is being suspended for even more countries (currently only in Japanese), so we're sorry to say that we are also having to remove these options from the online store.

For items that have already been sent, another Japan Post announcement (currently only in Japanese) also mentioned a severe delay of up to four months for shipments to the USA, though other countries are likely to be similarly backed up.

If you have a package that is returned to the store, the store will contact you to arrange an alternative shipping method.

As mentioned in the previous announcement, some customers previously asked if it was possible for us to call these delayed items back from the post office, but unfortunately this is not possible.

About Non-Changing Statuses and the "Returned to Sender" Status in the Japan Post Tracking Information.

(Abridged version from our Facebook page)
- Returned to Sender -
When Japan Post suspended certain shipping options to certain countries due to Corona, they already had some order for those countries using those shipping methods. Some orders made it through to the final stages (being put on a plane) but those that did not slowly started being returned to our stores. Unfortunately there is no way for us to know what items are coming back until they arrive.

When the tracking information shows the status "Returned to Sender", it means that the process of return has begun and they are now on their way to the store. There are currently lots of items coming back so when an item returns to the store the staff will contact you about it.

If you have seen that your order is "Returned to Sender" and you want to contact the store early to prepare for how it should be treated, please be sure to include your order number and requests you may have. It is vital to include your order number.

- Non-Changing Tracking Information -
At the moment there is a VERY heavy delay on all EMS and Air items sent through Japan Post leaving Japan. This is because there are far fewer planes available to ship items out on. An official announcement on the Japan Post website noted that can take more than two weeks for items to even be loaded on planes and reach the USA, though other countries will also face similar delays.

This means that when looking at the tracking information on orders it may possibly be weeks before an update is shown (even with EMS). But rest assured that orders marked as shipped have been shipped (picked up by the post office) and are in the process of heading to you. If for whatever reason these too are returned to our stores, we will be contacting you about it.

Some customers have asked if it is possible to recall items back from the post office in order to ship via DHL. Unfortunately as we do not know at what stage the shipments are during their export process, this is not possible.

IMPORTANT - Shipping Suspensions Due to Corona Virus

Due to the recent corona virus pandemic, we have received word from Japan Post that certain shipping methods to many countries have now been suspended.

SAL is no longer available, regardless of country. Items that were already shipped with SAL prior to April 1 may potentially be returned to the store by the Post Office.
According to Japan Post, if your package has already gone through the export procedure then it will be held by them awaiting a possible flight.
If your package is returned to us we will contact you with possible shipping methods.

A table showing available services for the affected countries can be found on our help page here.

EMS items are currently heavily delayed leaving Japan, regardless of country.

For orders that have already been paid for and have not yet shipped, we will change the order to an available shipping method.
A new invoice for the remaining balance will be sent to you.
(If other shipping methods are available, please contact within 72 hours us to switch).

For unpaid orders, we will change the order to an available shipping method.
(If other shipping methods are available, please contact within 72 hours us to switch).

If there are no shipping methods available for your country, you will still be able to place an order.
You order will be on hold until the suspensions are lifted, though this may change depending on future circumstances.

Please note that cancellation and refund requests will not be accepted.

We apologize for this inconvenience.

April 11, 2020

Notice - Important Announcement - Postal Shipping to MEXICO
URGENTE - Anuncio Importante - Sobre Envios Postales a MEXICO

We have been informed by our customers in Mexico that many items sent by SAL and EMS are subject to heavy delays; in some cases they are delayed a few months due to the inorganization of their local delivery service.
In order to apply financial protection to your order, starting from 8th of December, we will only accept orders with the EMS insured shipping option for packages bound to Mexico.

Thank you for your kind understanding of this situation.

Gracias a los reportes de nuestros clientes en Mexico, hemos sido informados sobre retrasos en la entrega de pedidos hechos por SAL y EMS; en algunos casos, llegando a retrasarse por varios meses debido a la desorganizacion en los servicios de entrega local.
Con el fin de asegurar la proteccion financiera de nuestros clientes, a partir del 8 de Diciembre solo se ofrecera la opcion de envio EMS que cuente con seguro para pedidos destinados a Mexico.

Gracias por su comprension.

December 7, 2018

We take extra care against corona with your shipped items

  • Before preparing products for shipping, our staff thoroughly wash their hands.


  • After packing, we disinfect the items.


  • Your products can be delivered to you without worry.



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