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DHL Express Price Changes

In line with the annual update in DHL Express's international shipping rates, our shipping costs have now been updated. You can find the updated postage costs for DHL Express on the Shipping Options help page.

February 12, 2019

URGENT - Important Announcement - Postal Shipping to MEXICO
URGENTE - Anuncio Importante - Sobre Envios Postales a MEXICO

We have been informed by our customers in Mexico that many items sent by SAL and EMS are subject to heavy delays; in some cases they are delayed a few months due to the inorganization of their local delivery service.
In order to apply financial protection to your order, starting from 8th of December, we will only accept orders with the EMS insured shipping option for packages bound to Mexico.

Thank you for your kind understanding of this situation.

Gracias a los reportes de nuestros clientes en Mexico, hemos sido informados sobre retrasos en la entrega de pedidos hechos por SAL y EMS; en algunos casos, llegando a retrasarse por varios meses debido a la desorganizacion en los servicios de entrega local.
Con el fin de asegurar la proteccion financiera de nuestros clientes, a partir del 8 de Diciembre solo se ofrecera la opcion de envio EMS que cuente con seguro para pedidos destinados a Mexico.

Gracias por su comprension.

December 7, 2018

URGENT - Important Announcement - SAL Delay (All Stores)

Due to a significant volume of packages with Japan Post, SAL services are being delayed. If your order is urgent, please order using EMS. We are currently unable to determine when SAL services will return to normal. Thank you for your understanding.

November 7, 2018

URGENT - Important Announcement Regarding SAL shipment.

Due to technical failure of the cargo transit facilities at Amsterdam Airport in the Netherlands and Charles de Gaulle Airport in France, Japan Post has suspended the acceptance of SAL packages destined to the following countries:
Algeria, France, Gibraltar, Netherlands, Spain and Ukraine.

From 15th of Dec, Mandarake has also temporarily suspended orders from these countries with SAL as the selected shipping option.

If you have already placed orders with SAL shipping, we will be switching the shipping method to EMS.

SAL small packet and International Postal Parcel SAL are not available until the service is resumed.

Furthermore, because of this there are severe delays to the following countries:
Bahrain, Brazil, Czech Republic, Greece, Kenya, Peru

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

There is more information about this issue on the Japan Post Website in English.

December 15, 2017

Suspension of Postal Services to Guatemala

We have been informed that Japan Post is no longer accepting mail destined for Guatemala.

If you wish to place an order for Guatemala, please bear the above point in mind and anticipate a heavy delay as there is little prospect of service resuming .

Please note that paid orders cannot be canceled.

There is more information about this issue in English on the Japan Post website.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

October 17, 2017

Usagi SF Koubou Daikaku rabbit 369

Cafe Kichi-Senpai mastodon pandemonium second part - hope chaos ~

Usagi SF Koubou rabbit Mandala

Usagi SF Koubou goddess EROS (false gods)

Exclamation (white corpuscle red corpuscles) FLASH BACK * re-recording

Bandai Deno block rail Kamen Rider Den-O exceeds at Denraina set

Ichikawa Asuka ""Tell me more"" Enchanted slender Dakimakura Cover

Bandai DX Chogokin Super Parts (Saotome Alto Machine Color) VF-25 for Messiah Valkyrie

Shouchiku Movie Version Mobile Suit Z Gundam II ・ Lovers B2 poster

Shouchiku Movie Version Mobile Suit Zero Z Gundam ・ who inherits stars B2 poster

Bandai METAL ROBOT soul Ex-S Gundam

Bandai Metal Build Gundam Astray blue Frame (full ・ Weapon equipped)

メロンブックス (たかやKi) C95カタログ有償特典メモリアルセット

Ace Metal mobile phone Strap KING KAZMA

Banpresto DX Girls Figure Happy and Sunny / Smile PreCure! Cure Sunny

Square Enix Play Arts Kai Noctis

Bandai Yo-Kai Sofubi Series Yo-Kai Watch Givanan

Banpresto,?World Collectable vol 9 / Kamen Rider 69 Dark Helmet

Banpresto The worst generation World Collectable ONE PIECE basil ・ Hawkins

Aoshima Bunka Kyozaisha Mini Gattai Machine Battle Bomber Hurricane Cowler Machine 13

Juokubunritsu ( Azusa Miwa Tasu Tomomi Sakakibara ) were you to try to love

Juokubunritsu ( Azusa Miwa Tasu Tomomi Sakakibara ) night caught a cold

Billion fractions (Sanza Azusa / Takami Sakakibara) is an unusual Nichijou.

Juokubunritsu ( Azusa Miwa / Tomomi Sakakibara ) 6 May 19, together with you

Juokubunritsu ( Azusa Miwa Tasu Tomomi Sakakibara ) SCHOOL DAYS

バンダイ MG フルアーマー・ガンダム ラストセッションVer. 1/100

Banpresto - Ichiban Kuji Love Live! Sunshine!! 5Th I-Prize Kurosawa Rubyi Kyun Chara

Banpresto Ichiban KUJI Sailor Moon galaxxxy collaboration Prize G hand towel

Fuji Bank sofubi 10cm Dog Snappy animal Money Box

Good Smile Company Clay Lloyd Petit / clarithromycin secret ver of the story

ローソン ミニ色紙 ローソン×FGO ジャンヌオルタ&セイバーオルタ(lack) オリジナルミニ色紙

Bandai Shikishi ART Part 3 cell (complete body) 12

BANDAI Shikishi ART 3 Magic Boo 10

Bandai Shikishi ART Part 3 Super Saiyan 2 Son Gohan & Super Saiyan Son Goku 11

BANDAI Shikishi ART 3 Hits 6

Bandai Shikishi ART Part 6 /2439067 Super Saiyan 2 trunks 3

Bandai Shikishi ART Part 6 /2439067 Metarukuura and Super Saiyan Son Goku 10

[With BOX] Kemono Friends OP + album + sound track

Bandai Shikishi ART Part 3 Super Saiyan 3 Son Goku 9

Bandai Shikishi ART 7 series / 2456755 Badakku 11

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