Darius ・ di ・ origin movie Archives TRIBUTE-Blu -THE-Ray version (Consignment)



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747713-00ILTBPC (2201035829-0100001)


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Brand New In Stock YYY (Consignment) Y.Y.Y Reference materials Darius ・ di ・ origin movie Archives TRIBUTE-Blu -THE-Ray version



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182mm x 130mm x 8mm / 80g


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Doujins NEW Reference Type Doujinshi

150 female secondary creation .jpg 150 male secondary creation .jpg
150 Original-based fanzine .jpg 150 commissioned Circle Wanted .jpg

Circle Name: YYY
Author(s): YYY
Outline: WARNING! Legend (THE ORIGIN), a monument of shooting game that became a revival service termination "Darius ・ di ・ origin" is resurrected in the capture video! Huge Berusa fleet Battleship battle of the legendary and now, revives! Won all 26 scenes, Save the planet Darius! [From the video] DISC-11. Standard mode: the first lap all the zones no damage clear 2. Standard mode: 2 lap all the zones no mistakes Clear 3. Boss Rush mode: EASY Setting no damage clear 4. Boss Rush mode: NORMAL Setting no mistakes clear 5. Bonus video-2 DISC ※ all standard-mode image 1.1? 2 lap earn root And 3 lap all the zones no continue clear 2. The road to a Million ♯1: higher circumference no missing pattern (lap 28) 3. The road to a Million ♯2: a Million play one-point commentary video 4. A Million play 10 times faster full length video
Age Rating: For all ages.
Genre: Reference Material / shooting game cheats video
Date Of Publication: 2019/9/22
Edition / Number of Pages: Blu-ray disc -1P

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